Design Zone for Industry Solutions

Find design guides for industry-specific systems and architectures.

Industry Solution Design Guide Description
Manufacturing CPwE and Connected Factory Solution to assist manufacturers seeking to integrate or upgrade their Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) networks to standard Ethernet and IP networking technologies.
Manufacturing Connected Factory - PROFINET Solution for PROFINET based industrial environments, to integrate Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches into the automation network.
Manufacturing Connected Machine Enable rapid and repeatable machine connectivity, providing business improvements such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and machine monitoring.
Oil & Gas Connected Pipeline - Control Center Secure, virtualized Control Center design for Oil & Gas pipeline operators, including secure remote access and operational support
Oil & Gas Connected Pipeline - Operational Telecoms Best practice, secure, design guidance for Oil & Gas pipeline wide area networks and pipeline station networks. This includes networks between Control Centers, from Control Centers to pipeline stations, between pipeline stations, and inside pipeline stations
Oil & Gas Connected Refinery and Processing Facility Best practice, secure design guidance leveraging industrial wireless and mobility for next generation refining and processing
Transportation Connected Rail Design and Implementation Guide for secure, end-to-end flexible IP network of ruggedized routers, switches, access points and cameras along with 3rd party applications that can be deployed in stations, on-board trains, and trackside.
Transportation Connected Mass Transit Design Guide for securely connecting disparate transit systems to create a converged IP network infrastructure.
Transportation Connected Mass Transit Implementation Guide for securely connecting disparate transit systems to create a converged IP network infrastructure.
Transportation Connected Roadways Design and best practice recommendations for a scalable and resilient multi-service transport infrastructure for any size and scale of deployment.
Utilities GridBlock Reference Model GridBlocks architecture for forward-looking integration of the electrical grid with a digital communications network.
Utilities Field Area Networks A two-tier architecture that supports Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation, and work force automation.
Utilities Distribution Automation Enhance monitoring, control, automation, and management of the medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) grids, from the distribution substation to the meters.
Utilities Substation Automation and Utility WAN Solutions that comply with industry standards such as IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613, providing a reliable and secure communications network.
Utilities Substation Security Meet the challenging and evolving needs of grid operators and their control systems, while meeting regulatory compliance mandates such as NERC CIP in North America.